Summit Recap

Empowering East Multnomah, One Endorsement at a Time.

In the spirit of inclusivity, the East County Rising Summit 2023 was a transformative event that brought together over 175 organizers, parents, renters, small business owners, students, volunteers, policymakers, and advocates across East Multnomah County for a day of action and movement-building. Held last October 14, 2023 at Mt Hood Community College, the day-long summit provided a platform for engaging dialogues on East County’s history and challenges, informative workshops, networking opportunities and a focus on effective strategies for progressive governance and cultural change. 

The summit addressed critical local issues such as housing affordability, transportation, and the future of schools, parks, and recreation.These activities reinforced a sense of community engagement and energy for the progressive work ahead. The support of sponsors, dedicated volunteers, and the active participation of local leaders made the summit a game-changer in progressive politics, providing a unified force for diverse individuals to rally together for inclusive growth and equal opportunity. 

As the summit drew to a close, there was a shared sentiment of gratitude, with many expressing hope for a future recurrence of this transformative gathering. East County Rising continues to sow seeds of change, creating a new narrative that reflects the vision and values of its community. The ECR Summit 2023 not only addressed the challenges facing the community but also catalyzed our collective commitment to a transformative future for East Multnomah County – a model of a multicultural, pluralist democracy.